Herbal preparations only for external application with 100% natural mechanisms. Major methodology is connected with the preparation stages using Arka, Lunar & solar enforcement and classical extraction methods.

Carenerg is a dairy based product from Preventia Herbals (Preventia healthcare) from 2019 onwards.


As mentioned above Carenerg is a dairy based product. Cow milk is the major ingredient. AmukkaramSatavariPalm jaggeryClove and Elaichi (Cardamom) are the major ingredients in the herbal combination.

More About

It is categorized under food products and it will perform as an energy booster. Good for vital energy enforcement.


One teaspoon per day followed by one glass of milk.  (with or without milk is fine).  Immediately after the work out /exercise/training is suitable for sports and fitness people. Bedtime usage is preferable for normal life style. 

How to apply

There are no age-related restrictions. It is restricted to controlled usage for diabetic patients.

Usage restrictions

Please watch the below given link to see the exact areas of application.

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