Herbal preparations only for external application with 100% natural mechanisms. Major methodology is connected with the preparation stages using Arka, Lunar & solar enforcement and classical extraction methods.

The Harsha set comprises of a neuro-refreshment paste and a herbal oil dropper. The set is prepared by Preventia Herbals (Herbosure).


  • Brahmi
  • Sandalwood
  • Dry Amla (Indian gooseberry)
  • Coconut oil

         among other 100% natural and pure herbal ingredients

More About

This set is beneficial for treating stress management and sleep disorders, and even as refreshment therapies.


For treating neuro psychiatric problems and sleep disorders: Take around one gram of the neuro refreshment paste and apply it like a bindhi, in the area between the eyebrows and just above the nose bridge. Apply once in a day preferably before bed time


How to apply

There are no age-related or health-related restrictions for Harsha set

Usage restrictions

For treating women’s over discharge issues: Take a little bit of the herbal paste and apply on the area that is two inches below the naval area.

For treating gastric issues: Apply cleaning solution on the abdomen area, upto two inches from the naval area, and then apply the herbal paste over this same location.

Please watch the below given link to see the exact areas of application.

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