Herbal preparations only for external application with 100% natural mechanisms. Major methodology is connected with the preparation stages using Arka, Lunar & solar enforcement and classical extraction methods.

Relaxo is a natural herbal oil prepared by Preventia Herbals (Herbosure) from 2015 onwards.


Relaxo is basically a home remedy from ancient Kerala Ayurveda. This is in the form of oil and is produced using virgin coconut oil.

It has the effectiveness of Tulsi (Holy basil), Aloe Vera, Mint, dry ginger – ingredients that are well known in herbal world.

More About

It is a simple application suitable to reduce the sinus and sinus nerve related blocks and disorders.  It is good for reducing the eyes’ stress and strain.


Relaxo can be used directly on the sides of eyes (sinus nerves center) and sinus area (both sides of the nose). Relaxo is good for steaming purpose and it will provide relaxation from running nose to an extent.

How to apply

There are no age-related or health-related restrictions for Relaxo.

Usage restrictions

For better result for eyes:

Regular usage of Relaxo with Triphala eye wash (like Arkasudhi) will provide better result for eyes and will prevent age related eye issues.

Please watch the below given link to see the exact areas of application.

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